Committee Profiles

Committee Members and Their Poodles


Jaimee Short

Jaimee and Evie

Jaimee has been involved in poodles for the past 30 years. Whilst her passion is showing, she has also dabbled in agility, flyball and obedience. Her poodles were also once members of the Pal Superdog Team. Jaimee has had many years of experience of working on committees, she was the Junior Football Director for her local football club for 3 years and was previously the PCSA President way back in 1998. She has thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of months, working hard to get the Poodle Club of SA re established. Her goal is to provide a club that welcomes all poodles, one that hosts many events where everyday poodle fanciers can come along, join in and have some fun. Jaimee would also like to see the club host an All Breeds Championship Show and a Poodle National. Jaimee is married to Dave and has a 19 year old son, Macca. She currently shares who life with 4 Toy Poodles.

Vice-President and Sponsorship

Margie Nottle-Justice

Margie and Hudson

Hi All, I’ve been showing and breeding Standard poodles for the best part of 35 years now, I was also a member of the Pal Superdog team for 10 years which was a wonderful part of my dog journey saw the team travel all over SA and interstate. Just recently I’ve added minis and toys to the poodle family and look forward to many more years of showing and enjoying my dogs.


Angela Heyburn

Angela and Evie

Angela has been involved with Poodles for the past 45 years, first breeding standards under the Avonti prefix, and now that she is a bit older she has the toy variety. Angela learnt her grooming skills when she purchased her first standard poodle and has enjoyed passing her grooming knowledge on to others. Angela was a member of the Superdog team with her Standard Poodle Harry. She has also competed in conformation, obedience and agility. Angela has been secretary and treasurer of the past Poodle Club many years ago and secretary of the National Poodle Council. Angela is really pleased that the poodle club has been re established here in SA. Angela hopes the Poodle Club will help educate the public on the benefits of owning a purebred dog. She is looking forward to the many future events that the club will host, hoping one day to host a Poodle National. She believes we are a club for all poodles and poodle fanciers. I am a licensed judge for Group 7 Angela is a widower and lives with her daughter.

Puppy Officer

Darcy Clark

Darcy and River

Darcy has been a member of Dogs SA since the age of 11 when he began showing and he represented his state at the National Handler finals last year in Tasmania. He has been the Number 1 handler in SA for the past three years and the second placed handler Nationally in 2019. His love and interest in the breed led to him acquiring a mini poodle from Lex Henery and the late Troy Tanner both distinguished names in all varieties of the poodle breed. Darcy has started to show his mini and he is learning grooming skills from the current Vice President of the Poodle club Margie Nottle-Justice who is a renowned poodle breeder and exhibitor and also heavily involved with the Troymere prefix.

Performance Sports

Jude Bolton

Jude and Bodie

Hi let me introduce myself my name Is Jude Bolton I've been involved with the dog world since 1983 were I showed and obedience trained more then ten Rottweilers in that time gaining their Australia championship and obedience titles. After some years of family life it was time to restart interest and love for Obedience and Showing so I decided to purchase a Standard Poodle. Bodie arrived from Melbourne on the 11th October 2017 I fell in love with him from the start and in his three short years we have achieved Australia Neuter Championship, CCD title, RN in Rally, two passes in Novice and top in the point scores at our Obedience club


Jo Kelly

Jo, I have been involved with dog showing for the last 7 years through my son Darcy. My previous committee experience has included general committee role, treasurer and secretary with another breed of dog. I currently work from home for a major communications company. I am a mum to three boys, I am looking forward to contributing ideas and being part of a wonderful team.

Committee Member

Louise Roberts

Louise is relatively new to the world of poodles. She previously was a registered breeder of short-haired Chihuahuas. After her last Chihuahua Jedha crossed the rainbow bridge at the ripe old age of 17 and when the time was right it was time for a new puppy and a new breed. After much research she decided on poodles and more specifically toy poodles and she has never looked back. The love affair started with Bridgette who is now three years old and because one is never enough one year old Bonnie joined the family. Louise is keen to progress to showing poodles at some stage in the near future. She has joined the club to learn and gain further knowledge of the breed and she enthusiastically promotes the breed at every possible moment. She is looking forward to immersing herself into the world of the poodle breed further and is looking forward to meet many more likewise owners in our up and coming club events. She loves to just talk poodles! The committee are excited to have Louise join them and look forward to working with her.

Committee Member

Karin Marder

Karin and Brax

Karin has been training dogs in obedience, tricks & DWD for 20 years. She has owned a Rottweiler, German Shepherds, Malinois and is now the proud owner of a Standard Poodle, Brax. She is also the President & Training Coordinator of the Dances with Dogs Club SA Inc. and a Foundation Judge. Her love of poodles arose after lots of research and talking to other poodle owners. She has competed in numerous dog sports and says her life has literally gone to the dogs and loves life. She believes poodles have the best temperament of any dog. With their great looks, agility, smarts & beautiful gait, she would love to see more poodles competing in dog sports concomitant with conformation.She is excited & looking forward to seeing the Club grow & assist however she can. She is single and lives with Brax, the love of her life, in the Adelaide Hills.